Why Choose Our Defense Firm?

7 Reasons to Choose Our Defense Firm, Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall

When facing criminal charges, it is important to secure an attorney with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to help you defend yourself.

We know that choosing a defense attorney can be difficult, however, as many law firms in the Northern Virginia area offer or claim to offer quality legal defense representation. We hope that, after reviewing what is here, you will feel confident that our team here at the Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall is the right choice for you.

Why Choose Us? Because With Us It’s All About You

When it comes time to work with a new client, we emphasize the following:

Capturing your story:

You are not defined by your criminal charges. You are unique and have a story all your own. It is our job to capture your story and then share it effectively in a way that the court understands it.

Providing honest legal advice:

You will receive nothing short of honest, straightforward legal advice. This way, you will have realistic expectations regarding your criminal proceedings.

Not passing judgment:

Everyone makes mistakes; we won’t judge you for yours. Instead, we will focus on doing all we can to keep your mistake from having a lifelong impact. We also hope this will provide you with the comfortable atmosphere needed to share your story without fear or embarrassment.

Advocating for you:

Our job isn’t just about being your lawyer. It’s about being your advocate – fighting for you, telling your story, and keeping your rights at the center of everything.

We offer all this by limiting the number of cases we take on at any given time. We aren’t a case mill! With us, you come first—juggling a caseload and packed schedule is counterproductive to building the type of client-lawyer relationships we pride ourselves on.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

We are well known in area courts. Judges and prosecutors respect our firm’s integrity and commitment to our clients, as well as our honest approach to criminal defense cases. This reputation is invaluable during plea negotiation and court trials. We have gained this reputation thanks to our:

Knowledge of Northern Virginia courts:

Our work on both sides of criminal courtrooms in Northern Virginia has given us firsthand knowledge of area courts, judges and prosecutors. This unique insight is key to planning the most effective defense strategies possible.

Record of success:

In nearly a decade of service, we have helped countless clients find favorable resolutions to criminal violations, misdemeanor charges and felony offenses. These clients are so satisfied with our service that they often refer us to family members, friends and neighbors who have been charged with crimes.

Swift action:

The sooner you begin planning your defense, the better your chances of avoiding a costly conviction. The moment you retain our services, our staff dives into your case. We learn every detail of your charges, the events leading to your arrest, your criminal background and your goals before crafting a plan of action.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Defense Options

If you have been charged with a crime in Northern Virginia, the Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall can help. We are uniquely suited to help you mount an aggressive defense against your charges, and will explore every available legal strategy to avoid or limit the penalties stemming from a conviction.

Contact our defense firm online or call 703-934-0101 to schedule your initial consultation today.