Prescription Fraud

Experienced and Aggressive Defense of Prescription Fraud

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall offer experienced and aggressive prescription fraud defense in the Northern Virginia area. We will review every aspect of your case and the circumstances surrounding your arrest and propose a strong defense strategy. Whether you are an accused doctor, pharmacist, or someone who struggles with addiction, we can defend you.

Examples of Prescription Fraud

Prescription fraud is the act of illegally obtaining prescription drugs for profit and street sale or for personal use. Oftentimes, what people do is to obtain multiple prescriptions from several doctors for the same symptoms. They also may forge a prescription and drag the prescribing doctor and dispensing pharmacist into the fray. This is a criminal offense, and it is illegal for anyone to obtain or attempt to obtain a controlled substance using any fraudulent behavior or tactics.

Forging a doctor’s signature on a prescription or misrepresenting your symptoms to a doctor to obtain medications, is fraud. If you mislead a doctor into giving you a prescription because you are addicted to a drug, that is also fraud. Also, it is illegal to sell prescription medications intended only for your personal use.

You Do Have Defenses to Prescription Fraud Charges

Everyone’s case is different. Butgenerally, prosecutors charge these cases with equal importance, even when one person is motivated by addiction and illness and another person has the intent to resell the drugs on the street.

A judge may be a bit more lenient and understanding if you have an addiction and order you to undergo treatment. A judge will also consider whether you had the criminal intent to misrepresent your condition to a doctor or hospital to obtain medication or whether you knew you were in possession of a prescription drug.

Accused of Prescription Fraud? You Have an Ally in the Courtroom.

As strong advocates for your defense, we will work with prosecutors to obtain the best result possible for you including:

Plea Negotiation

If it is in your best interest to plead to a lesser crime or some favorable combination of jail time, treatment, restitution or fine, we will vigorously pursue all your options. It is important that you can keep your job, continue to see your family and be able to drive. It is very important to keep a prescription fraud charge out of your records.


If the prosecutor is unwilling to agree to favorable plea terms, or a plea deal isn’t in your best interests, we will take your case to trial before a judge or jury. We have extensive knowledge of area courtrooms, prosecutorsandjudges, as well as substantial trial experience. We provide expert representation that you need behind you to pursue a favorable judgment.

Whether this is your first offense or a subsequent charge, we explore every available legal strategy to present the strongest defense possible.

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