Experienced Defense Against Murder Charges in Virginia

If your loved one has been charged with murder in any degree, you know their situation is extremely serious. The sooner you gain attorney representation for your loved one, the better.

Your loved one has rights that need to be protected to assure a fair trial and a fair jury.

The Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall offers highly experienced and competent defense representation to clients facing murder charges in Virginia.
We will try to negotiate a plea that is in your loved one’s best interest. However, we won’t hesitate to go to trial to vigorously defend your loved one and obtain the best possible result.

Accused of Murder in Virginia—TheRight to a Defense

In Virginia there are three degrees of murder charges under the law:

Capital murder

which may carry a death penalty or life in prison, includes crimes like murder-for-hire or contract murder, the murder of a law enforcement officer, murder in the commission of a drug-distribution crime or murder of a child under 14 years old.

First-degree murder

Murder is planned, willful or intentional. It includes killing another person by poison, lying in wait, or by imprisonment. If someone is killed in the commission of arson, rape, a robbery, or abduction,for example, this also rises to first-degree murder.

Second-degree murder

includes anything not covered in the two categories above. If someone dies accidentally during the commission of a felony, it will be considered second-degree murder.

Murder charges are extremely serious with life-altering consequences. Your loved one is entitled to justice and a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. However, oftentimes, unless defendants are represented by a skilled defense attorney, many are not granted the fair trial they deserve under the law.

Police and prosecutors are under a lot of pressure to obtain a conviction and bring the suspect to justice. This can lead to sloppy investigations, botched evidence gathering and failure to explore other theories about the crime. Murder is a complex and emotional tragedy for everyone involved, and there are two sides to the story.

Preparing a Strong Defense to Best Protect Your Loved One

There exist several options for a strong defense. Here are some of the potential approaches we may take to limit or eliminate the potential consequences your loved one is facing:

  • Excluding evidence that the police obtained improperly or illegally or without a proper search warrant.
  • Instructing the jury at the end of the trial that the jury must return a verdict of not guilty if there is any reasonable doubt about guilt.
  • Asking the jury to find guilt of a lesser crime with less-serious consequences.
  • Arguing the case of mistaken identity.
  • Showing the death occurred because itself-defense.
  • Presenting to the court that your loved one lacked the mental capacity to understand what he or she was doing, for example, they were drugged or intoxicated at the time the alleged murder occurred.

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If your loved one has been accused of any degree of murder, you need to act quickly to ensure he or she has an experienced and aggressive defense attorney to protect their rights. The Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall is committed to providing the most effective defense possible.

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