Post Trial Appeals and Representation

Proven Defense in Virginia Appeals Cases

Don’t Settle for an Unjust Decision

Far too often people think there case is an easy win or that it would be impossible for them to be found guilty. This often leads to clients wanting to save a few dollars or generally going with lawyers who are shockingly unprepared when it comes time for a trial. Or maybe its simply that the case didn’t play out the way that you would have liked. Fortunately, the law in Virginia allows for appeals in almost every type of criminal case. There are several options available; however all have rigid time limits. If you are even considering an appeal contact us immediately to make sure that your time to file doesn’t run out.

Handling the Complexity of Jury and Felony Bench Trial Appeals

After being convicted in Circuit Court, you will have an opportunity to have your case heard in the Court of Appeals. This is a particularly specific practice of law. It is not a new trial in the traditional sense; rather the lawyer can only argue that there was some impropriety in the original trial that should result in either the matter being dismissed or a new trial being granted. These appeals can take several months to even file and require a very strong attention to detail.

Motions to Reconsider

If a judge has sentenced you on either a Felony or a Misdemeanor and evidence was not presented to the court that could be relevant, you have the opportunity to seek a motion to reconsider. These motions are filed with the original judge and are requesting that he give a decision a second look.

Appeals from General District Court

Being convicted in General District Court or Juvenile/Domestic Relations court should only be the end of the case if you win. In many other instances, individuals would benefit from exploring an appeal to the Circuit Court. An appeal to circuit court erases any decision that was previously entered. It also allows you to automatically get a completely new trial and second chance at a favorable outcome.
We can help you and encourage you to call or contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we can begin to review the evidence against you, the sooner we can gather supporting evidence to defend you.

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