Attorney McClain

Attorney Robert McClain

Attorney Robert “Bob” McClain has dedicated most of his 18 year career in law to public service and the criminal justice system. After graduating from Georgetown University Law Center in 2004, he began his legal career as a prosecutor in the Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. In 2011 he was promoted to Deputy Commonwealth Attorney and served in that position until 2020 when he moved to the Prince William Commonwealth Attorney’s Office as Senior Assistant in the Homicide/ Violent Crimes section of that office.

Capturing the Essence of a Client, One Story at a Time

Bob brings with him over 15 years of experience litigating in the criminal justice systems of Northern Virginia. Throughout that time, he has tried every manner of criminal case, from murder, rape, and robbery to driving under the influence, reckless driving, and driving on a suspended license.

Bob’s unique skill set allows him to analyze your case through the eyes of a prosecutor while zealously advocating for you and striving to achieve the best outcome possible in your case.

No False Promises, Only Hard Work

There is no guarantee of an outcome when it comes to the criminal justice system. (If only that were not true!)

But there is a way to put your best self forward. Through dedicated representation and continual contact, you can rest assured knowing Mr. Rosenthall is asserting all his efforts to support you. You will have an advocate who will fight hard for you against an often-unforgiving system.

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Choosing a criminal defense attorney requires weighing many factors ranging from experience to empathy and results to reputation. It is our belief that you will find great value and a constant advocate in criminal defense attorney Robert McClain. To learn more, contact our firm online or reach out to us by phone at 703-934-0101.

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